Understanding SEO as a tool for business promotion

With advancements in technology, businesses are now able to use digital methods to promote their operations. Nowadays, businesses are integrating online marketing in their marketing strategies. Included in these online marketing methods is SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is an activity that involves optimizing web pages in order to make them search engine friendly, thus getting high ranks in search results. It aims at:
– Improving the quality and amount of traffic to a website from search engines
– Marketing by first understanding how search engines and search algorithms work, and what users might searchSEO Company Adelaide
– Designing and developing a website in a way to ensure that it receives higher positions in search results
By first understanding how search engines work, a business website owner can reap great value from SEO.

How does a search engine work?
Search engines such as Google, Bing and Ask perform various activities in order to deliver search results. Let’s look at these activities:
1. Indexing – The search engine creates indices for all the fetched web pages and stores them in giant databases from which the indices can be retrieved. During this process, words and expressions which best describe the page are identified and the page is assigned to particular keywords.
2. Crawling – The search engine fetches all the web pages that are linked to a website. A special software called crawler or a spider is used to perform this activity. In the case of Google, the software is called Googlebot.
3. Processing – When a user keys in a search query, the search engine processes it, that is, compares the query with the indexed pages in the giant database.
4. Calculating relevancy – In most cases, the search query that a user keys in might be in several webpages. The search engine calculates the relevancy of each of the indexed pages to the search string. The most relevant page is chosen to be displayed in search results.
5. Retrieving results – This is the last activity that involves retrieving the best matched results chosen in activity 4. Basically, it just displays the page in the browser.

Why you might need an SEO expert:
Creating unique and high quality content can be difficult and time consuming. If you are really serious, have the skills and time, you can take care of your needs. For the majority of business website owners, time and the required skills might be a limiting factor. It is better for such people to hire an SEO expert. Competitive SEO experts perform the following tasks:
– Ensure that the code meets the required standards and is search engine friendly
– Creates high quality links from relevant websites to ensure that more users visit the website
– Conducts keyword research and builds a list of key phrases that are relevant to your business
– Creates quality content to build optimized pages around terms and phrases that have been discovered through keyword research
– On-page and off-page optimisation: On-page SEO focuses on the various parts of your website that affect search engine rankings. Page content, headings, alt text for images, meta descriptions and internal linking are examples of such parts. Off-page SEO focuses on promoting the website’s content outside your webpage. Techniques used include link building, guest blogging, outreach emails and social media shares.

With effective search engine optimisation, your business is able rank high above your competitors. New potential customers find your website quickly and that is a great step in ensuring growth. SEO provides great return on investment.