Webpreneurs Association Of South Australia | Helping Adelaide Business Owners and Enthusiasts Learn Online Marketing Techniques

The Wepreneurs Association of South Australia is a unique non profit association (Incorporation Number A42718) created by a group of web enthusiasts in Adelaide, South Australia.

With the rapid and fast changing environment of technology internet technology, as a small business owner it’s hard to keep up with the changes and the information overload.

Who Are We:

The association is open to individuals and businesses who want to improve their understanding of the online world and use that information to improve the performance of their website, video, forum, or other web properties that help their business.

When Are Meetings?:

Meetings are held every 2nd month on a rotational basis between members business premises or local venue, such as a pup or sporting club.

How Do Members Benefit?:

Not only do members get the chance to mingle with other enthusiasts and experts, they also benefit from regular seminars and speakers that are invited to meetings to discuss a certain topic.

Some of the topics that we regularly discuss and cover are:

  • Web Design
  • SEO Adelaide
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social Media Campaigns and Management
  • Pay per click and Pay per view campaigns
  • General marketing Concepts
  • Direct Mail Strategies
  • Online Tools – mail campaigns, project management

and a large range of other topics.


If you would like to join please send an email using the Contact form and explain who you are and why you would want to join. There is an annual membership fee to help attract speakers and to attend seminars or conduct seminars.

Further information can be found here:






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Top 4 Qualities of An SEO Agency

When looking for an SEO company that can manage your online marketing plan, sometimes it can be difficult to establish one, especially when if you don’t understand the process. Almost every customer would expect a good agent for their site to appear at the top of the main search engines. Having said that below are the top four qualities that you should consider when selecting an SEO agency.

Accredited, associated and educated

For you to establish the credibility of a company and to identify its existence, you will need to browse their website. Here you won’t need to go beyond their home page; you should try and find out if the SEO Brisbane business is members of a local board of trade. Try and also see if the company has a highly qualified staff that have been educated and groomed in the way of internet marketing and by just reviewing the SEO company site you would come to the conclusion if the company is the right one that can help you in your online marketing.

Foundation in on-page technology

From the yearly ranking reports, it is proved that an on-page technology is essential for your website’s brand to rank well on search engines. Thus having an SEO company that has a strong background in technical matters of online marketing will help you get your site to a good start. It can be critical to you especially if you are launching a new website or your site has not ranked well for the time you started. Try and find out from the company on the plan they have on your site technical “backend” for it be introduced into the online world.

Driven by content

Today and in future having good content is what makes SEO great. Try and look for an SEO company with a team that will be able to rewrite your web page. Also, the team should be able to craft your blogging strategy that has been ongoing. And finally, it should be a team capable of providing a media-rich content this can be in the form of video, infographics, and photos. Thus, it will help expand your customer’s base.

Certified and open in Google Analytics

All search engine companies have, at least, one certified Google analytic staff. Unfortunately, most of them are not open with analytics they apply to a client’s website; that is why you should try and look for an firm that is open with analytics they provide.

In conclusion, by following through the above qualities, it will help you identify an SEO agency that can serve you well.